Business Card Management App “Remember” Registers More Than 10 Million Profiles


Drama & Company (CEO Jaeho Choi) announced on Feb 25 that its business card management application Remember surpassed total of 10 million registered profiles.

Exceeding the 10-million mark signified yet another meaningful milestone for Drama & Company, which first released the app back in January 2014. It was chosen as a “Top in Class” app at the Korea Mobile App Awards in March 2014. Remember was also selected as one of 20 best apps on Naver N Store last December, and this feat was followed by Drama & Company’s selection as one of top 100 startups of 2014 by Demoday and Startup Alliance.

The mobile app drew attention from both users and investors by incorporating digital and analogue solutions to card management service. When a user takes pictures of business cards and registers them to one’s own Remember account, professional typists transcribe the information to store it digitally. Involving manual typists in the process of registering profiles drastically increased the accuracy of information being stored, at remarkable 99%. Currently, about a thousand typists transcribe about 90,000 business cards per day. To ensure that private information on cards is protected, the company requires every typist to sign a security pledge when hired.

Jaeho Choi, CEO of Drama & Company, wants to consolidate Remember’s leading position in domestic card managing service market in 2015. “It took five months to process the first 1 million cards and two months for the next 1 million cards. Now we are growing fast enough to process nearly 2 million cards in only one month,” said Choi.

Drama & Company plans to release the PC version of Remember in March to further accommodate users. Also, the company is conducting a beta test on adding Chinese and Japanese specialists to the typing staff  to manage increasing demands from users who also want to register business cards of non-Koreans.

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