Born2Global to Introduce 9 Korean Startups at Euro Demo Day


Born2Global (Managing Director David Oh), an agency under the Korean government’s  Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (Minister Choi Yanghee) that supports Korean startups, will introduce 9 companies at Demo Day named “B2G Connect- The future of Korea” in Europe.

The event is organized by Born2Global to support Korean startups attract investment and build business partners in Europe. It will take place over four times in four European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

According to Born2Global first Demo Day held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on Mar. 23 and second Demo Day held in Luxembourg on Mar.24. Third Demo Day held in Brussel, Belgium on Mar 25. Last one held in Lille, France on Mar.27.

Born2Global was initially planned once in a Demo Day in Brussels, Belgium but had to decide to prepare a variety of joint Demo Day as local accelerators to provide good opportunities for Korean startups.

David Oh, Managing Director of Born2Global said, “Through the event Korean startups will meet not only European local angel investors and strategic, financial investors but also business partners. So they will learn what European investors are looking for and how to prepare for it.”

Promising Korean startups, including leading companies in medical equipment, IT, Software, diagnostic chip and services, will attend Demo Day to look for investors and business partners in Europe.

This year Born2Global has plans to introduce additional Korean startups at other international markets such as China, Japan, the United States in New York and England. Born2Global was held Demo Day in Singapore, Japan and the United States in Silicon Valley last year. LA&OC Demo Day is held earlier this month.

Meanwhile, established in 2013, Born2Global provides Korean startups with various consulting services free of charge in one convenient location. Its expertise includes training, investment, law, patent, accounting, and marketing. Especially, Born2Global over the past year, supported 37 companies invested over 55 billion(KRW).

Born2Global is this year selected by members is provided through an all-weather one-stop services required for overseas investment ranging from consulting association. The total annual number of selected Korean Startups is about 100.

Born2Global focuses on including areas of IoT, Wearable, Big Data, Cloud Computing, 3D Printer, Security, e-Commerce, Mobile Apps., Digital / Social Media, EdTech, AdTech, FinTech, SmartcityTech, BioTech, NanoTech, Enterprise Software, Gaming, Life Science, Healthcare, etc..


The following startups will participate in Demo Day:

Raphas(Cosmetics /

Raphas possesses a unique, original patented technology to manufacture a novel drug delivery system, dissolvable microneedle. Currently, this company’s sales revenue has an increasing growth rate with the development of medical beauty product based on the patented technology. In the future, Raphas plans to launch a new innovative medical product that can replace the injection system by applying fundamental technology for various therapies such as vaccinations, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, and much more.

Avellino(Medical /

Lab is the first and only lab in the world performing commercial genetic testing for Granular Corneal Dystrophy gene mutations. Patients not detected prior to LASIK are at significant risk of vision impairment. Avellino’s  CLIA certified laboratory is located in Menlo Park, CA, with additional labs located in Japan, Korea and China.

PCL(Diagnostic chip and services /

PCL is a leader in multiplex diagnostic tests and services based on the Sol-Gel Capturing system, which immobilizes bio-molecules in a three-dimensional gel matrix. PCL’s multiplex diagnostic kits have a higher sensitivity and specificity compared to currently available tests. PCL has three categories of products: blood-based diagnostic tests, research reagents and tools, and drug discovery R&D services.

Haudongchun(Hygiene product /

Haudongchun is a company specialized in developing feminine cleanser. Feminine cleanser Jilgyungyi is, unlike other cleanser, a scientific feminine cleanser based on the fundamental as known as “self-purification of the vagina”, which indicates the pH control of lactic acid excreted by lactobacilli inside the vagina. Jilgyungyi is a medical drug registered with FDA, and is effective for cleaning vagina, preventing vaginitis and improving not only vaginal contraction but also colpoxerosis.

Studygps(IT software /

Studygps is solution design group. This company is the Winner of the 1st “Welcome Vienna Package” hosted by Vienna gov., Austria. And also nominated as a “Top 150 startup” of Pioneers festival( out of 1000 startups from 58 countries.Studygps provides Global No. 1 Vertical Group SNS called “bagle”, which is used for powerful group management: education, politics, community, organization, etc.

LitePharmTech (Food /

LitePharmTech has developed and selling photosensitizer for cancer therapy. This company developed and commercialized prescription drugs such as trace mineral injections etc. LitePharmTech’s  “PYEONANTA” is made of the extracts of tea, seeds of grape fruit etc., and its prominent effect has been proven through the clinical tests. “PYEONANTA” speeds up disintegration of the acetaldehyde which is alcohol metabolite and cause of hangover.

Somyoung Medics(Medical Equipment /

SoMyoung Medics is an innovative medical company, focused on developing disposable products for surgeons. Through innovative technological advancements, SoMyoung Medics has successfully progressed delicate surgery. The Company’s leading product, “VISCO” Nasal Packing, is based on an innovative surface technology that significantly reduces adhesion, decreases healing time and prevents shedding or tearing.

FXGear(IT /

Magic Mirror is an augmented-reality fitting room solution that offers convenience to shoppers and customer data to retailers. Shoppers can try on clothes virtually without the hassle of getting in and out of clothes. FXGear has developed various cutting-edge computer graphics technologies and our technology has been proven, as it has been used by major companies such as Samsung Electronics, Disney, SEGA and Etc.

Jewelise(Jewelry /

Jewelise is providing online custom-made jewelry system based 3d automated rendering. This company is to support shop owners, designers, and customers by our customizing system. For Shop owners, they are channels to give directly “customization experience” to customers. Also, they can make their business success by Jewelise’s customizing system because Jewelise offer “No inventory risk” and updating artistic design template without design develop cost. For designers, we value-up their creation by our customizing system. For Customer, customer can experience blow-away customizing service that totally different from old ways.


About Born2Global

Established in September 2013, Born2Global is the major vehicle under the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, to support domestic start-up companies tapping into the international market from the early stages. Born2Global has been providing consulting services in various fields covering training, investment, law, patent, accounting, and marketing to foster global start-up companies and also developing a domestic start-up ecosystem and a support system designed to form a virtuous cycle.


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