Anonymous Q&A SNS Tellme Assesses its First Year Performance


Anonymous Q&A SNS recently published its annual report in infographics, highlighting growth in the number of users for its website and Android app.

On Tellme, counsel-seeking users can share short questions (under 220 characters) for others to respond to or share on social media. Questions can be on just about any topic, including sports, troubleshooting tips for smartphones, and relationships. Users can also follow certain topic experts (though seemingly self-proclaimed) to bring questions directly to their attention.

Teenager users can also register their account in association with their school and direct private questions that are not viewable outside of the network. They can set their personal profile to display preset header questions. These questions tend to seek self-affirmation in nature, such as “If I ever got plastic surgery, which one should I get,” “What was your first impression of me like,” and “Rate my attractiveness as the opposite sex.”

And for allowing users to talk about anyone or anything without having to reveal a personal username, Tellme has received remarkable popularity among middle school students between ages 13 and 15. According to the infographic report, middle school students compose 56%, elementary school students 24%, and high school students 16% of the total 923,728 users.

Within a year of its February 2014 launch, the platform has grown now to serve over a million MUVs (monthly unique visitors). According to startup media news provider Platum, this remarkable growth has been mostly organic. Without major investments in marketing campaigns, the company owes the achievement of this feat to over 3 million shares on social networks, such as KakaoTalk, KakaoStory (a like-Instagram platform for the messenger app), and Facebook.

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