KokiliBook Links Users to the Amazon E-Book Store


Amidst talks of Amazon entering the Korean market, KokiliBook gains attention as the first Korean e-book market that links users to the Amazon e-book store, providing a service that  makes it easier to find Korean e-books on Amazon. The new service supports Amazon’s easy UI and allows users to search for books in Korean, in addition to a suggestions feature that caters to Korean readers.

As of now, there are more than 1,500 Korean e-books from over 20 publishing companies already registered on Amazon, and the list continues to grow. However, users have had remarkable amount of trouble in searching for titles due to the garbled nature of romanization.

With KokiliBook, users can simply search for titles in hangul (Korean characters). Users can click on “Buy on Amazon,” which leads them to the main Amazon page of the e-book the user wants to purchase. If users are already logged onto Amazon, they are directed straight to the payment page. Payments are processed through Amazon. As such, Amazon users can also enjoy normal services like the “one-click payment” system, Amazon’s book recommendations, and the capability to read the purchased books on any Kindle or Kindle supporting device.

The curation system also makes it easier to search for books categorized into different genres.  From adult novels, essays, non-fiction, and children’s books, Amazon carries books from publishers like Woongjin Think Big, Open House, Book 21, Pegasus, Eenbook, and more. KokiliBook also carries non-Korean books as well.

One caveat is the $2 Amazon Global Fee added to the purchase, which is added when purchases are made outside of Amazon-friendly countries like Canada, China, France, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and more. One way to avoid this fee is to purchase e-books on operating Kindle devices in Amazon-friendly countries.

Many await to see the success of KokiliBook, as it could test to Amazon’s potential to survive in the Korean market. KokiliBook’s performance could also help determine the estimated date of Amazon’s launch in Korea.

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