Jokerpack’s BeeCanvas Secures $230K Investment


Jokerpack (CEO Yongnam Hong) announced on March 5 that it secured about $230K from DreamPlus, a startup accelerator run by Hanwha S&C and angel investors.

What drew investors’ attention to Jokerpack was BeeCanvas, an online cooperative work tool which was first released last November. BeeCanvas provides users with a sharable, blank rectangular board. They can not only attach memos resembling Post-its but also upload multimedia and document files. Users can further customize the board to their own liking by directly drawing on the board, just as they would on Windows Paint. Different users sharing the same board can make updates in real time.

Yongnam Hong, CEO of Jokerpack, hopes BeeCanvas will break the convention of existing cooperative work tools usually geared toward increasing productivity of larger entities such as companies. BeeCanvas aims to increase productivity of small teams and individuals. “The realm of cooperative work and productivity is not exclusive to companies. BeeCanvas will earn the hearts of individuals and small teams,” says Hong.

BeeCanvas’ potential future rivals include Slack, a real-time messaging application also developed to provide small teams with an integrated working environment. It is considered one of the fastest growing startups in the U.S., attracting approximately approximately 500,000 daily users.

Hong, however, is aware that BeeCanvas cannot match them by simply imitating the service. “Thrilled” to have successfully secured the $230K investment and the opportunity to provide the users with a useful tool, he recognizes that “BeeCanvas has to present its own unique, irreplaceable values.”

Ambitious enough to set Jokerpack’s official motto as “changing the existing rules of the game,” Hong’s goal is to “radically enhance humanity’s productivity through BeeCanvas.”

BeeCanvas is available in both mobile and desktop versions.

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