IGAWorks Announces StarWorks to support Small and Medium-Sized Mobile Game Companies

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On Mar. 3, IGAWorks (CEO Kuk-Seong Ma), a leading mobile app marketing company in South Korea, has announced StarWorks, a $10 million fund for supporting the global marketing efforts of quality mobile game companies. The fund will be dedicated towards small and medium-sized mobile game developers and publishers that IGAWorks has selectively chosen.

StarWorks aims to open more doors to small game companies that have had difficulty in securing funds despite great ideas by drastically lowering the required minimum profitability, thereby mitigating the financial strains of the small companies.

IGAWorks plans to hold a conference regarding the funding this month in Seoul, as well as in Pangyo, a startup hub located south of the nation’s capital. There, the company will reveal more details about the fund’s objectives and application processes for prospective recipients.

IGAWorks specializes in app marketing with its performance-based ad platform, adPOPcorn, and marketing and analytics platform, adbrix. The platforms provide analytics services to support publisher post-launch marketing plans for mobile apps. Analyzing more than 1 billion data sets per day, the company has become a leading mobile business platform in South Korea.

“Through Starworks, we hope more small and medium-sized firms become competitive against big businesses to create a more diverse mobile game market in South Korea,” said Ma, the CEO of IGAWorks. “As long as it surpasses our minimum required standards, which we see as much lower than what other venture capital firms demand, any company that possesses creative energy can apply for the opportunity.”

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