SparkLabs Announces the Members of Its 5th Accelerator Program

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On March 12, SparksLabs, a South Korean startup accelerator and a member of Global Accelerator Network (GAN), announced twelve startups that will partake in its 5th accelerator program. The twelve startups span a wide range of services and products, including wearables, healthcare, security, and fashion technology.

Of the twelve startups, ten are based in South Korea, and the other two are based in Vietnam and the US, respectively. The selected startups will be granted $25,000 and given office spaces. They will also be matched with mentors for a 13-week mentoring program, while receiving education on various topics such as product development, legal issues, patents, and fundraising.

The twelve startups are as follows:


Cubit Security: Cubit Security provides security solutions for servers by log analysis. Made up of specialists that have more than ten years of experience, Cubit Security’s solutions identify hacking attempts and alert users about security breaches.

Lockin Company: Lockin Company has developed a security solution for mobile apps, LIAPP. The solution encrypts source codes of mobile applications to prevent their misuse. Lockin Company is currently working with various Korean companies, such as Shinhan Bank, Hana Capital, and SK Telecom.

WayWearable: WayWearable develops wearables specifically for skin care. The startup’s products analyze UV rays, temperature, humidity, and other factors that can influence the wearer’s skin, and provide personalized skincare recommendations.

Wanted Lab: Wanted Lab aspires to be an innovator in the human resources sector. The startup plans to solve recruiting-related problems by developing a mobile platform of recommendations and references using multihop networks.

LoanVi: The Vietnam-based startup is a peer-to-peer loan program designed for students and agriculturalists. LoanVi hopes to use cutting-edge technology to alleviate poverty and provide better financial services.

Lee Myung Su Design Lab: This startup is developing the Seil Bag, a backpack which combines fashion and technology. Designed for bicycle riders, Seil Bag contains LED fibers, alerting drivers of the wearer’s location. Users can use a wireless controller or a mobile application to operate the bag’s lighting systems.

SyncPort: SyncPort uses synchronization technology to allow the user to open any kind of file on any registered smartphone device. The startup hopes to provide  a “smarter” life by seamlessly connecting all smart devices.

Campus Shop (Yoon and Company): Campus Shop is a social commerce platform specifically for college students. Targeting college students, the platform allows students to easily purchase textbooks, department or school gear, or flight tickets. The startup currently has a partnership with 58 schools in South Korea and plans to expand into China and Japan.

DoubleMe: The US-based startup plans to build a Youtube for virtual reality content. Users can use the HoLo Portal, a 3D capture tool which transforms a 2D video into 3D, to upload various content.

Genoplan: The startup analyzes users’ unique genetic makeup to provide individualized, gene-based solutions for weight control. Genoplan uses instruments by Roche Diagnostics, a globally ranked healthcare applications company.

Evain: The startup is developing What’s This Number, an app that provides users information about calls made from an unknown number. The app improves the communication experience by using collective intelligence to share information about specific phone numbers.

Pied Piper: The startup is developing a product that can sense and analyze molecular data regarding a food item’s freshness, sugar levels, and nutrients. The startup differentiates itself from competitors, as one product can be used on various different kinds of food and in its instant processing of data.


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