IoT Helps Improve Strawberry Farming


Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) technology,  people can now manage their strawberry farms via mobile devices.

Future Tech, an IT outsourcing company, developed a Microsoft Azurepowered IoT Strawberry Farming System that allows real time monitoring using sensors and mobile management.

It combines various sensors and network communications technologies for real time monitoring of the farm’s conditions. Along with this, FutureTech uses Microsoft Azure’s big data to send alerts to mobile devices when the temperature goes below or above the ideal temperature. The farmer then uses such data to control temperature, light, and water frequency, and to detect any intruders just on their mobile devices even when they are physically away from their farms.

Compared to other fruits and produce, strawberries are known to take longer to cultivate. Moreover, it is especially sensitive to climate changes. The ideal temperature is between 68~77 F. When the temperature goes above 86 F, strawberry growth is stunted and can cause  deformities. When temperature drops below 41 F, strawberries are prone to cold-weather damages.

IoT Strawberry Cultivation System eliminates the cumbersome routine of visiting the farm dozens of times throughout the day. As a result, the number of one-person farms have been growing. Furthermore, the big data from Microsoft Azure allows for more scientific farming. Down the line, both FutureTech and the strawberry farmers are hopeful that they can use these accumulated datas to forecast and address  future problems and in other areas as well, allowing for the growth of “smart farms”.

In Hyun Cho, one of Future Tech’s the board directors, said they believed in Microsoft Azure’s performance and capability, which led them to choose Azure as their server infrastructure to help farmers monitor and manage their strawberry farms more easily.

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