Hey Dealer, an Used Car Auction App, Reaches 500 Cars Submitted for a Bid per Month


Launched in December 2014, Hey Dealer is an used car auction app that connects car owners with dealers to help them negotiate a smarter and faster deal. The number of cars submitted for a bid through the mobile auction has reached 500 cars a month, just three months after Hey Dealer’s launching.

With Hey Dealer, users can upload pictures and information about their cars for auction. After all the necessary information is submitted, a closed auction takes place among used cars dealers all around the nation.

Hey Dealer provides both convenience and security to car sellers because car sellers can receive price estimates from dealers without making visits to the dealers and once a car owner selects the best price deal, the selected dealer can visit the car owner to finish the deal. The bidding system also ensures low charges for car dealers by reducing middle transaction fees. The number of cars submitted for auction has steadily increased since Hey Dealer’s launch in last December.

“As proven by the precedent set by the developed countries, our auction methodology offers car owners the highest prices available through a convenient model of bidding system and low commissions. We plan to launch the iOS version in May 2015 (Hey Dealer is currently only available for Android). We will continually improve our service to ensure maximum convenience to both car sellers and dealers,” said JinWoo Park, CEO of PRND which operates the app.

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