Korea Ranks First in Introduction Rate, Speed of High-Speed Internet


Korea ranked first in the introduction rate and average Internet access speed of high-speed Internet (speed higher than 10Mbps) for 4 consecutive quarters.

According to the 2014 Fourth Quarter Internet Status Report compiled by cloud platform company Akamai Korea on March 26, Korea ranked first in the world in average Internet access speed with 22.2Mbps for consecutive quarters, followed by Hong Kong (16.8Mbps), and Japan (15.2Mbps). The world average Internet access speed for the fourth quarter is 4.5Mbp.

Like the previous quarter, the highest Internet average access speed, Korea ranked first as in the previous quarter with 75.4Mbps, followed by Hong Kong (87.7Mbps), and Singapore (84.0Mbps). The world average highest Internet access speed was 26.9Mbps, up 8.4 percent from the previous quarter.

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