South Korean Noah Camera for Facebook Messenger Unveiled


On Mar. 29, social network giant Facebook unveiled its plans to advance the company’s Messenger app as a distinct platform, with APIs and developer programs to allow for the creation of Messenger-dedicated apps. Noah Camera, a digital image filter app developed by South Korea-based JP Brothers, was one of the first Messenger-dedicated apps to premiere at the F8 Conference.

JP Brothers is the only South Korean startup among 39 developer teams selected by Facebook to launch their services in the new Messenger platform. Other apps available within the platform include ESPN, Talking Tom, and personal GIF-generator JibJab. According to a company representative, JP Bros. started working on Noah Camera by Facebook’s proposal.

As an app within Facebook Messenger, Noah Camera allows users to take pictures and share them with their Facebook friends over messages. Noah Camera offers more than 100 filter combinations, sticker overlays, and a photo booth tool with which users can create a collage of selfies with timed camera shots.

JP Bros. has already made a name for itself with a standalone camera filter app called Candy Camera. While similar to Noah Camera for the most part, Candy Camera positions itself as an app “optimized for beautiful selfies.” In addition to multiple filters, Candy Camera offers beautification filters that users can use to blur out their blemishes or refine their skin tone. Since its launch the app has reached over 50 million downloads worldwide, and more than 20 million monthly active users.

Noah Camera is one of several other camera filter apps available on the list of Facebook Messenger’s debut partners. Other beautification camera apps include Pic Stitch by Big Blue Clip and Fotor by Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology.

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