Three Line Technologies Launches Premium Call-taxi App ‘BK Taxi’

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Three Line Technologies, Inc. announced on Monday, Mar. 30 that it will officially launch a premium taxi hailing app BK Taxi in Seoul.

BK Taxi is a mobile taxi service app that enables users to easily call a taxi. Once users launch the app, they can enter a destination into the app, and the app will automatically search out and hail a driver nearby. The app also offers options specifically customized for pregnant women or passengers who carry baggage. Users can request for an individually-tailored service by sending a text message to a taxi driver beforehand.

Passengers are also encouraged to leave reviews about their taxi drivers in three categories – friendliness, cleanliness, and safety – and the well-established rating system is expected to ensure quality, safety and cleanliness of taxi services to its users. With BK Taxi’s background check system, users can check taxi drivers’ travel records and service ratings before using a service. The app also allows users to send “safety text messages,” containing their travel info to their family and friends to ensure the passengers’ safety.

Currently, only Seoul taxi drivers are eligible for registering with BK Taxi. A great deal of BK Taxi-registered drivers so far consist of “Mobeom” (deluxe) taxis, which are certified taxis distinguished in several standards, including 10 years with no accident, and excellent service at a premium price. To verify its reputation as a premium brand, BK Taxi seeks to provide premium services to its users by giving its registered drivers monthly hospitality training sessions, which are taught by luxury hotel brands.

Three Line Technologies, Inc., the operator of BK Taxi, was founded on June 2014, and it launched a beta version of BK Taxi starting in January of 2015.

As the mobile taxi service market has become highly attractive in recent years, an abundance of taxi apps, including Kakao Taxi and T Map Taxi are also looking to officially launch their services in the first half of the year. They also face competition from rideshare services such as Uber.

Despite the fierce competition, BK Taxi, which markets itself as a premium taxi app has been showing a rapid growth recently, and many venture capitalists and analysts are looking forward to its bright prospects as a premium brand. BK Taxi is currently available for Android only. Three Line is expected to roll out the iOS-version in April.

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