Mobile Map Startup ‘Dabeeo’ Secures 1 Billion KRW Investment from Bon Angels


On Apr. 1, Bon Angels CEO Byungkyu Chang announced that Bon Angels and Technology Innovations Program of Small Business Administration jointly invested 1 billion KRW in the mobile map API startup ‘Dabeeo’.

Founded by ex-LG Electronics employee Jooheum Park, Dabeeo is a startup that provides offline storage type map that allows fast access to maps for businesses and startups. In Korea, Dabeeo developed the first map editing platform using OpenStreetMap data. Dabeeo registered patent of this technology in South Korea, the U.S., and China.

Since its launch Dabeeo has aimed to provide users with access to high quality map data regardless of the stability of their data connection.  Dabeeo has recently signed strategic partnerships with corporations that have expanded shopping and media services. Dabeeo plans to help its partners launching new businesses based on the map data.

“Map service is one of the core services in the mobile era. yet an OpenStreetMap based global map API supplier such as Dabeeo is very rare in Asia,” said a director of Bon Angels. “We highly valued the potential synergy effect it will have with the startups Bon Angels already invested, and the possibility of rapid overseas expansion.”

“We are continuing to expand cooperation with domestic and foreign companies, and plan to showcase a multilingual guidance system within the first half of this year,” said Park, a Dabeeo representative. “This investment is a great opportunity for faster technology growth and overseas expansion.”

Dabeeo will showcase the Chinese version of the map service in July.


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