Free Calling App BridgeCall Released in iOS Version


BridgeMobile (CEO Jake Jungwoo Choi) announced on Apr. 6 the launch of the iOS version of BridgeCall, a free calling application. Until now, only the Android version was available, which exceeded 2.2 million downloads by late March. BridgeCall also earned the company the Grand Prize of Startup Battle Korea 2014 last September.

BridgeCall allows calls to be made and received as if they are normal phone calls. Once users install the app, they can simply hit the existing call button on one’s mobile phone to make free phone calls. The app makes it unnecessary for users to run the application to do so. The app checks if the call’s recipient has the same app and a favorable internet connection. Once the conditions are confirmed, a free call can be made. If the recipient does not have the app or a stable internet connection, the free call is automatically converted into a regular phone call.

Along with the release of the iOS version, BridgeMobile also improved call qualities and added a new feature that shows users the cumulative time spent using the free calling service and how much money was saved as a result. According to the company, BridgeCall users on average benefitted from 103 minutes of free phone calls a month, lending substantial support to mobile users concerned with expensive monthly payment.

Sangmin No, Operating Manager of BridgeMobile, is confident that the company’s product has a unique value. “Most free call apps on the market only serve subsidiary function of applications mainly geared towards other purposes. BridgeCall is the only product concentrating solely on free call itself,” said No. He added, “We will provide the best free calling experience to users through the release of iOS version.”

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