JoinsAuto Launches a Mobile App to Help Car Owners Scrap Junk Cars


JoinsAuto (CEO: Seok-min Yoon), an automotive aftermarket company, announced on April 3 that it has launched a mobile app designed to help car owners scrap junk cars.

The newly-launched app JoinsAuto enables users to get the best out of a junk car by connecting them to more than 100 professional car scrappers affiliated with the JoinsAuto company.

With the mobile app, users can upload pictures and information about what they want to scrap, and once all the necessary information is submitted, users can receive a price quote from car scrappers. By comparing prices, users can pick the most satisfying deal, all without a complicated sign-up process or commission fees.

JoinsAuto is one of Hyundai Glovis’ affiliate companies. Hyundai Glovis, the logistics arm of Hyundai Motor Group, is Korea’s largest used vehicle auction service provider)

While transparency in the South Korean used-car market has greatly improved over the past years, the car-scrap market in Korea still lacks convenience in transactions and credibility in prices, mostly due to an absence of an intermediary third-party platform and a lack of an organized market.

JoinsAuto seeks to solve the problems arising from imperfect information in the market by allowing its users to compare prices among different car-removal service providers and guaranteeing the quality of services.

“With JoinsAuto’s easy-to-navigate, commission-free system, we hope to bring more convenience to car owners who have had difficulty getting rid of their junk cars,” said Seok-min Yoon, the CEO of JoinsAuto. The mobile application is currently available on Android only.

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