The South Korean Mobile Ads Market at a Glance – MOBIscape KR1.4

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Mobidays Inc., the mobile specialized marketing company, has announced the update of Mobiscape, the Korean mobile advertisement business map, which summarizes the domestic mobile advertisement market’s features.

According to the Korean Online Advertisement Federation, the domestic online advertisement market is expected to grow 9 percent in 2015, 3 trillion 194.6 billion won. The mobile advertisement market’s size, especially, has shown a growth rate of 27 percent at one trillion 60.6 billion won, which is 9 percent larger than the online advertisement market’s.

Thanks to the growth of domestic mobile advertisement market, various advertisement solutions are being released domestically and internationally, while the domestic mobile advertisement market continues to become more complicated and competitive. Mobidays has released Mobiscape last October and has regularly been updating it in order to provide the recent features of the domestic mobile advertisement market.

This latest Mobiscape especially highlights the mobile video advertisements and foreign companies’ entrance into domestic mobile advertisement markets, which is of great interest worldwide. Mobiscape was updated in total of 5 times and the trends of the domestic mobile advertisement markets can be observed through the official Facebook page of Mobidays and the LinkedIn page.

Sang-Young Shim

About Mobidays

Mobidays was founded in June of 2014 in order to invigorate the domestic mobile ecosystem and the mobile advertisement market. Later in August, the mobile advertisement research lab was opened and various mobile market data such as the ‘Korean mobile advertisement market map’, ‘Korean mobile games market map’, ‘Korea Mobile App Industry’ are being created and provided.


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