Vital Hint Korea Introduces Recipe Curation Service


Vital Hint Korea, a food-oriented tech startup, launched a test service for Hae Muk Nam Nyuh, a recipe database service catered to a young audience. The test service began on Apr. 7, and, Vital Hint plans to launch the beta service on Apr. 15 with the option to search for recipes by ingredients.

Vital Hint Korea’s goal is to solve the question that young individuals ask every day, aiming to help people become better and more resourceful cook, by using IT to turn information about food into useful data. Their goal is to analyze such collected recipes to offer more personalized and healthy food curation system to its users. Hae Muk Nam Nyuh is rooted in the Korean phrase, hae muk ja, which roughly means “let’s cook it ourselves.” Thus, Vital Hint has created a slogan that suggests anyone can cook.

The service caters toward young adults and is equipped with  quick and easy, yet more trendy and fresh recipes. Cooking shows have become increasingly popular in South Korea,. Yet, the dishes and meals often featured on these shows are complicated and not often home-friendly. Nowadays, cooking shows have started to  feature recipes and ideas that viewers can easily try themselves. Vital Hint has also picked up on this trend, but with a more convenient approach.

Hae Muk Nam Nyuh provides a smart search option that allows the user to categorize their needs, from food preferences to health conditions, and “high in calcium” to “easy to cook.” The possibilities seem endless.

Vital Hint Korea is partnering with hundreds of cooking bloggers, to provide unique contents and to create an online platform where anyone can share their ideas and recipes. Their long term goal is to help change the food industry.

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