Meet WAY, a chic and compact device for your skin


Having seen it in person, WAY is chic, compact and combines data from sensors to provide pollution, weather and overall skin health reports.

WAY is a newly-launched personal skincare device, compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, currently up for crowdfunding on Indiegogo with pre-orders offered at 40 per cent off the projected retail price of US$149.

In just three days, WayWearable, the South Korean company behind it helmed by CEO Jason Moon, managed to hit its goal of US$50,000, but now, it’s trying to fulfill an internal goal of US$100,000. At the time of writing, the startup is only 30 per cent away from hitting its mark. Can it succeed with just eight days to go?

I am interested in applying design thinking to the business. I love to code in Central Park on weekends and build something people love to use. You can reach me at


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