MangoPlate is South Korea’s restaurant discovery superhero app — and maybe more


When I first arrived in Seoul, the shiny capital of South Korea, finding restaurants that I like proved especially difficult. Crowd-sourced reviews were not a thing. It was trial and error, expat Facebook groups and having locals recommend restaurants to me.

Then, at a Softbank Ventures Korea Forum last year, I saw the word ‘MangoPlate’ printed on a paper bag. Someone told me about the young startup. Oh, they’re like Yelp. I didn’t think much of it, until a few months later when I had to bring a few colleagues around. I downloaded the app, connected it to my KakaoTalk account, and checked out what was in the Gangnam area. My colleagues were tired from a work event earlier, so I wisely opted for something in the 100m radius. Tap, tap, tap. Guys! Fried chicken? We loaded the map and hurried over. Now looking back, I think I decided on this particular chicken restaurant because it was really near their hotel and was priced affordably (it has one review and does not have a rating score!).

I am interested in applying design thinking to the business. I love to code in Central Park on weekends and build something people love to use. You can reach me at


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