[Start-up Seoul] Between chooses traction over profit

¹ÚÀç¿í CEO ¿ª»ïµ¿  VCNC ´ëÇ¥. ¹ÚÇö±¸ ±âÀÚphko@heraldcorp.com/ 2015.08.07

With KakaoTalk dominating Korea’s mobile messenger market, Between has been cementing its foothold in the couples messenger niche. Now with half its users coming from abroad, the mobile app is braving ground in Southeast Asia.

“We’re trying to expand our product to the global market,” Jake Park, CEO of the app’s developer VCNC, told The Korea Herald in an interview Friday. “Very fortunately we are not directly competing with big messaging apps … so we can get into the niche market (and) bring a very different value.”



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