Daum Kakao Changes CEO and Corporate Name

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On Sept. 1, Daum Kakao has announced that it will change its corporate name to “Kakao” to strengthen its brand image as a mobile service platform provider . Such a name change will bolster the company’s identity as a leading mobile service oriented firm.

With the merger between Daum and Kakao last October, Daum Kakao opened a new chapter in South Korea’s IT history and since then has promptly responded to the changing dynamics of the mobile market with a vision of “new connection, new world.” Although the current corporate name represents both portal service based expertise (Daum) and mobile service prowess (Kakao), it has demonstrated ambiguity in the firm’s future vision as a mobile service provider. Consequently, the management has decided to change the corporate name in order to enhance its mobile brand competitive edge.

For reasons behind the name change, expansion into mobile life platform brand with latest success from Kakao Taxi and reaffirmation of corporate identity after the merger as mobile service oriented firm were mentioned. Once the appointment of new CEO, Ji-Hoon Rim, and the corporate name change get confirmed in extraordinary shareholder meeting on September 23rd, Daum Kakao is expected to aggressively speed up its effort to become a “mobile life platform brand.”

Meanwhile, “Daum” will continue to operate in terms of web service, Daum application, and its other service lines. A new CI design that will reflect the firm’s new identity will also be introduced soon.

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