Global Spam Blocking App ‘Whoscall’ Reaches 30 Million Downloads


Whoscall, operated by Camp Mobile (CEO: Ram Lee, Jongman Park), is a mobile spam blocking service that enables smartphone users to identify the source of and block spam calls and text messages from unknown numbers. On Sept. 10, Whoscall has reached over 30 million cumulative downloads worldwide, touting a strong growth rate not only in Korea but also in overseas.

Having reached 20 million cumulative downloads in January this year, Whoscall has gained an additional 10 million downloads just within last seven months. Whoscall has approximately 70% of the global spam blocker market share, and is maintaining #1 position in Taiwan and Hong Kong, while rapidly growing its user base in other countries such as Brazil and Thailand lately.

Each month, users around the world leave more than 5 million detailed telephone number identification information in Whoscall. Whoscall possesses more than 700 million identification information data, including spam phone numbers and regional information, which allow users to identify suspicious incoming calls and messages. In addition, with its advanced technologies, Whoscall actively identifies and adds more than 2.5 billion telephone number information to its database to protect users from spam.

“Whoscall has opened a new frontier in the app industry by creating a spam blocking market and is maintaining a steadfast leading position in the market. We will continue to expand our #1 market position globally by enhancing localized marketing and service usability,” said Ram Lee, the CEO of CampMobile.

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