‘Bombling’ gathers 100K members ready to fall in love


On Sept. 10, ‘Bombling’, a newly emerging one-of-a-kind social dating app, has reached 100,000 members and over 130,000 cumulative downloads . This record is just within 6 months since its launch in February.

Although the social dating industry is already a red ocean, Bombling was able to differentiate itself and excel in the industry with its originality in structure. Rather than merely copying the structure of successful precedents in the industry, it focused on fixing their flaws with the slogan ’healthy evolution of social dating’.

 For instance, Bombling shuts out the ghost users by making all ‘flirt game’ available only to the users who are online during the game. It also turns the user profile unavailable as the game ends, which prevents leakage of personal information. Such features help secure the privacy of users, distinguishing Bombling from the traditional dating apps which send out several hundred to thousands of user profiles at a fixed time of a day. Bombling also ensures its safety by establishing a bright and lively atmosphere through gamification of the system itself including levels and skills features, instead of traditional chat-and-meet system.

 The biggest contributor to  Bombling’s exponential growth is SNS, including Facebook and Instagram. The concept of battling each other attracted the SNS celebs and models, making  them to post the snapshots of ‘1st place in Bombling’ on instagram with the tags like ‘Bombling’ and ‘Bombler’.

 With its fast growth, Bombling plans to expand into Japanese and Chinese markets in the remaining half of 2015.

-Inspired by Platum


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