2015 Global Startup Springboard @ New York


2015 Global Startup Springboard @ New York

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Event Information

  • Date of event: 25th September ~ 27th September , 2015 (3 days), Free!
  • Who can Join: Anyone (Korean/Korean-American who lives in New York City, Student or not student !) who wants to meet new people, form teams, share ideas and turn it into a feasible business model is welcome to join!
  • Perks: Foods and beverages provided! Receive one-on-one critical feedbacks from experts and fine-tune your business plans/products!


If you have any questions contact: springboard@tideinstitute.org

*NOTE: This event is mainly for Korean nationals, or other nationals who are capable of communicate in  Korean. Most of the event will be offered in Korean as well.


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