Google launches its Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Program in Korea


On September 10th, Google Korea announced the new support program, ‘Google for Nonprofits,’ and introduced how the company will help Non-Profit Organizations efficiently manage their structures and widely publicize the NPO’s objective and work.

‘Google for Nonprofits’ provides services Korean Non-Profit Organizations practically need, including free access to Google’s work platform ‘google apps’, monthly $10,000 support for search-based advertisements, and features for premium Youtube partners. The specific benefits are the following.

Free unlimited license of Google Apps

Google will provide Google Apps for Nonprofits service free of charge to organizations who join the “Google for Nonprofits’ program. Each account gets free usage of 30GB, can unlimitedly add user licenses. In addition, because NPOs have larger population of part-time workers such as volunteer workers, Google allows NPOs to create and manage accounts flexibly. Furthermore, like companies that pay to use google apps NPOs will be provided with technologies using email and phone throughout the year and an email ( tailored to the organization’s domain.

Monthly $10,000 Adwords advertisement support
Adwords is Google’s keyword search advertising platform that enables advertisements to reach users all around the world. Organizations that participate in the “Google for Nonprofits” program can monthly publicize $10,000 worth of text keywords advertisements on adwords platform without cost. If the NPO uses adwords’ advertisements actively longer than a certain period of time and matches a specific criteria, it can monthly get $40,000 worth of adword advertisement budget if it requests budget ceiling.

Youtube premium feature

YouTube for Nonprofits provides NPOs with multiple Youtube features, such as fundraising via Youtube, overlay, and unlimited link car, which enable them to advertise their objectives and work through Youtube videos. More details are shown here.

Among public service non-profit organizations, any organization that is assigned as a designated donation organization via the enforcement decree of the corporate income tax act can apply for the ‘Google for Nonprofits’ program. However, schools, hospitals, and government institutions cannot apply.

Non-profit organizations that want to participate in the program must get certified by TechSoup Korea run by the non-profit IT support center, and submit a program application. TechSoup is a non-profit organization that provides resources, such as IT trends, hardware and software technology consultations, for other non-profit organizations. Google is partnering with TechSoup Global for “Google for Nonprofits” program. Detailed information can be seen on NPO program application web site, and certified organizations will get the benefits within a week.

Google Korea CEO John Lee said “starting with the ‘Google for Nonprofits’ we hope to see NPOs utilize Google’s technologies in order to increase work efficiency, locate more volunteer workers and donors, increase awareness of the work done, and make meaningful changes in Korea and moreover across the world.”

Lee Jae Heng, the head of non-profit IT support center that runs TechSoup Korea said “it is very exciting to support NPOs and charity organizations with Google” and that TechSoup will make sure more organizations use Google apps, drive, Youtube premium channel, and Google’s online advertising program so they can efficiently manage and publicize their work. Daum Foundation executive director Bang Dae Wook stated, “Online is the strongest and cheapest tool for non-profit organizations. In a situation where NPO’s rate of online usage is low, Google’s active support is important. I hope Korean non-profit organizations can wisely use the media and IT technologies through ‘Google for Nonprofits’ and help make the world more interesting.” In 2011 ‘Google for Nonprofits’ was launched in the US. Its goal was to help non-profit organizations with limited budget to utilize Google’s resources in order to cut down IT expenses and improve the management of the organization. Small and large non-profit organizations across the world are participating in this program, including UNICEF, Kiva, a non-profit organization that lends money for self sustaining means to low-income groups in developing countries, and the Jane Goodall Institute. Through the program’s website, Google is sharing online resources, such as educational videos and case studies.

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