Y Factory Launches an English Reading Education App


As the national reading month begins, Y Factory, a youth-education application development company, announced on Sept. 9, that it will launch “Aesop Brain”, a mobile application designed to stimulate children’s brain development based on Aesop fables, on both Apple Store and Google Play. Aesop Brain adopted Y Factory’s unique fairy tale reading app solution to cultivate balanced learning in the areas of language, critical thinking, creativity and personality.

Using a step-by-step learning system, Aesop Brain allows parents to easily analyze and monitor their kid’s learning achievements. The biggest selling point of Aesop Brain is that parents can manage up to three kids’ learning progress under a single account while provisioning an individualized reading experience for each child.

Aesop Brain has three difficulty levels with four primary areas of education focus within the learning system– language, critical thinking, creativity and personality. What stands out is the app’s ability to provide an individualized learning experience for each child based on his/her competency and areas of interest. It also hosts many useful functions such as an individual book shelf, avatar-making, and multi-language support, all of which combine to deliver tailored contents for the users. Most notably, the Aesop Brain’s step-by-step learning system cultivates a lifetime reading habit and removes resistance for learning English through storytelling and voice narration.

Regarding Aesop Brain, Kim Young-Nam, the president, explained that “Through Aesop Brain, what I would like to give children is ‘family’. All of the reading capabilities embedded on the app give an opportunity for parents to interact with their children on a whole new level because the application provides a non-competing and safe environment for kids to enjoy reading and freely share their progress with parents. The parents can then reward their loved ones by placing the next best recommended book in their book shelf. As you can see, such interaction is a joy, and it truly improves your parent-child relationship.”

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