Baedal Minjok now delivers your favorite bread from popular bakeries in Seoul


Korea’s major food technology service ‘Baedal Minjok” has created a new ‘Bread’ category that allows you to order signature breads from popular bakeries in Seoul. This newly established ‘Bread’ category is an extension of the company’s existing bread delivery service subsidiary, ‘Baemin Fresh’. Now the users can order their favorite bread at home like how they order fried chicken and pizza.

For delivery, the company uses refrigerated trucks self-operated by Baemin Fresh. Users can pick their own delivery date, and their bread will come to their door by 7am in the selected day. That way, users can get the freshest products. Under Baedal Minjok’s bread category, users can find a wide range of famous bakery shops in seoul praised by many bread enthusiasts. Publique near Hongdae (Hongik University), Pain de Papa by Apgujeong, Bread Pit in Yeouido, Daddy and Mom in Yeongdeungpo, Suave and Oliver Sweet, a famous dessert shop, are some of the must-go places for bread maniacs. More shops are going to be added to the category soon.

Under the bread catalog, every bread is categorized into to a distinct set of themes and collections. For example, there are ‘family set’ that only displays a list of stores’ signature bread, ‘prime loaf bread’ that is ideal for breakfast and ‘sweet dessert set’ that includes Maccaron and Madeleine, and ‘Hoophoop bagel set’, a list of bagel speciality shops. Each week, users can also order and taste organic juice of different flavors from 26 types of fresh fruits and vegetables. They call this juice “chic”.

Kim Bong Jin, the CEO of Woowa Bros Co., explained that “The launch of bread delivery service is Baemin Fresh’s first attempt to incorporate its early-morning delivery service and competitive product differentiation into Baedal Minjok. We plan to explore and offer other food categories that users will love.”

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