Kakao Sets Off to a New Start, with Ji Hoon Rim as new CEO

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Today officially marks the beginning of a new journey for Kakao, spearheaded by newly appointed CEO Ji Hoon Rim.

Kakao today held an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders at its Headquarters located at Jeju Science Park, South Korea, and passed the two resolutions on agenda; change of company name to Kakao and the appointment of Ji Hoon Rim as the new inside director of Kakao. The subsequently held board meeting of directors approved the appointment of Rim as the new CEO of Kakao, officially proclaiming the beginning of Kakao’s second chapter as a mobile lifestyle platform company, under a new name and new leadership.

Ji Hoon Rim, CEO of Kakao said “For the past month or so, I deliberated over how to unfold the future of Kakao as I spent my time trying to fully understand the organization and communicate extensively with the members of the company,” and continued, “Focusing on the keywords mobile and connection, I will strive to further the global competitiveness of the company by bringing greater speed to the company. Also, I will work to foster a culture that supports the realization of innovative ideas to bring our platform competitiveness to the fullest”

Meanwhile, Kakao also revealed its new company logo to match the changed name. The new logo adopted the word mark design to reflect the global trend, and designed it to embody Kakao’s young and flexible corporate image. It also assigned yellow, a color already well associated with the company through multiple influential Kakao services, as the new corporate color. The new logo will help strengthen Kakao’s image and identity as a mobile lifestyle platform leader.

Kakao, now equipped with a new CEO, name, and identity, will continue to accelerate change and innovation in its key mobile service areas including communication, on-demand services, fintech, iOT, contents and commerce businesses.

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