Naver Launches ‘Grafolio Market’ Beta Service


Grafolio by Naver Corp. launches ‘Grafolio Market’, a platform which allows illustrators to sell their contents online and offline. Grafolio Market will start as  the beta service through which users can download contents such as stickers and background images for free, and depending on the user feedback, the Market will  expand into paid contents and offline products.

Since last January, when Grafolio was first launched as an online illustration platform, it has grown to house 9,000 artists with total 120,000 illustrations uploaded  so far. From this April, the global user share has grown steadily,  now accounting for 12% of the whole user group.

In this beta service, selected artists including PuuungConigliooooo, Nahum Kim, and Hera Kim created stickers, which could be embedded into Naver blogs, cafe or posts for free. In addition, more than 6,000 background images for smartphones created by the artists are available for free as well, to be converted into paid service in the future.

By launching the beta service, Grafolio looks forward to support the users to experience and enjoy the creators’ wide-ranging contents while providing the creators the environment to focus on their works as well. In the near future, Grafolio looks to further extend its service so anyone willing to participate can be a creator and charge his/her contents a fair price.

Louis Rho, the contents manager at Naver Grafolio, said “Together with artists, Grafolio has created an ecosystem for online illustrators. In the meantime, Grafolio has sought to provide various means to discover and support talents creators. Grafolio market envisions to provide opportunities for both creators and users, to support making creative contents and appreciating the works of creators.”


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