Businesses Can Now Use Kakao Talk to Send Receipts and More


On Sept. 22, Daum Kakao announced that it is entering the corporate messaging market with the launch of Kakao Allim Talk service.

Aimed at corporate users, Allim Talk will enable companies to send out data-heavy messages without having to add recipients as friends on Kakao Talk. Multiple types of data, from banking and credit card records to online shopping mall or courier service information, can be distributed through the service. At its launch, Daum Kakao will be offering the service in collaboration with SoCar, a car-sharing service, and Spoqa, a Dodopoint (third-party reward point membership) manager. The company plans to expand the business through further official partnerships with LG CNS, BizTalk, Dunamu and Mnwise.

Existing Kakao Talk services such as Plus Friend and Yellow ID are more used as marketing channels—to circulate promotions and news to existing friends collected by businesses—than as means to communicate with specific customers. This new concept of a “corporate messaging service” will allow companies to send information regarding orders, transactions, deliveries and banking activities to individual customers, as long as the recipient’s phone number is available.

The key difference between commonplace SMS marketing feeds and Allim Talk will be that the sender, usually ambiguous and possibly malevolent in text messages, can be easily identified through Kakao Talk profiles that have been certified by Allim Talk—the feature is expected to keep away ‘phising’ or spamming messages. Security measures applied to the messages themselves will add to the safety of Allim Talk’s customers. Managing and searching for past messages is also easy. Recipients can look up past senders from the list of conversations, and also search for content within an existing conversation. To discontinue a certain sender’s Allim Talks, a ‘block’ button is available, which switches over any future content to SMS messages as previously received.

For companies, it’s an opportunity to cut costs and improve marketing efforts. Allim talk is a less expensive option than SMS messages, while still offering up to 1,000 characters per message. Also, companies can begin to send marketing messages through their official Kakao Talk accounts once recipients ‘add’ the sender by pressing a button at the top of an Allim Talk conversation.

Daum Kakao announced that “Allim talk will offer businesses a way to reduce costs and conduct targeted marketing by acquiring Yellow ID friends, while recipients will be benefiting from a new, easier way to receive and manage secure, reliable content provided by businesses.” The company noted that the launch is “part of a larger effort by KakaoTalk to make users’ everyday lives more convenient, and evolve into a mobile lifestyle platform by doing so.”

Prior to the official launch of Allim Talk, Daum Kakao began testing the service with SoCar (since April), and Spoqa (August). Both companies have since then been using Allim Talk to distribute membership and reservation information–customers’ feedback have ranged from positive interest to clear satisfaction with the new service.

As more companies sign up to integrate Allim Talk to their customer-facing business segments, KakaoTalk users can expect to come across the service more regularly. Some of the announced or confirmed partnerships include Hanhwa Life Insurance, Yanolja Travel, and Hansalim.

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