Naver labs invests $100 million into robotics, mobility, and smart home technology research



Naver, a Korean internet content service operator, launches a new technological collaboration between hardware(HW) and software(SW) for the global market.

On September 14th, the largest Korean developer conference ‘DEVIEW’ took place. Naver’s CTO Song Chang Hyeun, as the keynote speaker, announced about project ‘BLUE’ highlighting that Naver will invest hundred million dollars in the next five years for research and development with universities in areas such as ‘robotics’, ‘mobility’, and ‘smart home technology’. Emphasizing the importance of future SW and the role of developers, Song CTO said Naver labs, Naver’s technology research lab, plans to integrate daily used HW and SW through project ‘BLUE’.

Naver labs hopes to apply its SW technology to HW areas such as ‘robotics’, ‘mobility’, ‘ smart home technology’ by collaborating with Korean and foreign universities and companies. Currently,  Naver labs is looking for experts in robotics and mobility who will be interested in working on the international joint project. Professor Danis Hong, a renowned robot engineer, agreed to work on this project.

With this industry-university cooperation opportunity, Naver labs also looks forward to establishing a network whereby researchers can connect and exchange various technology trends and job information.

Naver labs plans to initiate a new Connected Platform for Global users via fusing daily used HW and its applied SW technology such as deep learning technology based on its accumulated big data. CTO Song said “In the future, we plan to lead new global technology innovations by focusing on the industry-university collaboration in fields of mobility, robotics, and smart home technology. In order to do so, we plan to recruit talented minds from Korea and all around the world.”

Meanwhile, the 8th annual ‘DEVIEW2015’ conference was success. More than two thousand developers participated, and there were total 48 sessions focusing on trends in areas like robot, big data, search engines, technology startups.

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