“Gookmin Navi Kim Kisa” – hits 10 M number of usage in one day during Korean Thanksgiving weekend and exceeds 200 M accumulative usage in September.


LOC&ALL Corp., the company of a smartphone navigation application “Gookmin Navi Kim Kisa”, announced that during this Korean Thanksgiving day daily number of usage for “Gookmin Navi Kim Kisa” hit 10 M and monthly number of usage exceeded 200 M.

The application’s number of accumulated usage during this year’s Korean Thanksgiving day (Sept. 26-28 2015) increased by 330% compared to the number of usage from the previous year’s with the increase in users by 110%. Compared to this year’s Korean New Year’s day (Feb. 18-20 2015), the number of accumulated usage and users increased by 120% and 70%, respectively. The increase in the number of usage during these national holidays demonstrates that consumers selected the mobile app due to its service quality and safety.

According to Jonghwan Park, the CEO of LOC&ALL, the company predicted biggest population movements during Korean Thanksgiving season. To provide excellent service to its customers during the holiday season, the company established more servers and strengthened real-time service monitoring, thus breaking the record for usage numbers. Furthermore, the number of usage during weekends is constantly increasing and the accumulative number of usage for September exceeded 200 Million. Park mentioned that the company will continue to improve its service quality so that more users will be able to use the application without any inconvenience.

Meanwhile, LOC&ALL was acquired by Kakao this May. Starting from last April, this application has been linked to KakaoTaxi’s drivers application to provide faster navigation services to KakatoTaxi users.

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