Launch of Specialized Lesson Matching Service SOOMGO



SOOMGO (CEO Kim Robin), a specialized lesson matching service, announced its formal service launch in late September. SOOMGO is a Korean abbreviation for ‘hidden professional’. The service provides a lesson matching platform in which if a client searches for the type, area, time, price of the lesson, within 24 hours professionals that match the criteria can make an offer of lessons to the client. The service can find a vast range of professionals: language professionals who can teach English or Chinese, personal fitness trainers, art professionals who teach how to arrange flowers, music and performance professionals who teach instruments such as piano or drumming. Since a week after its launch, SOOMO has more than 400 professionals and 500 clients already signed up. There are increasing number of clients who have met professionals via SOOMGO and are taking lessons from them, and with the help of its original and fun marketing, SOOMGO is showing fast growth. SOOMGO’s CEO Kim Robin explained SOOMGO was developed to improve previous lesson matching environments whereby  “made clients spend a lot of time and effort to find the right lesson for their level, and professionals had to pay high commissions to use lesson matching services”. Kim showed high confidence in the service stating that “clients and professionals who have used SOOMGO all show content about the service. We will improve the service for the matching process to  be even faster.”


Meanwhile, CEO Kim Robin has been a partner of Team Europe Ventures in 2011 and founded RGP Korea, the operation company of a food delivery service called Yogiyo.


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