Pandora TV “Plup” expands its global service presence in 4 Asian countries


Pandora TV has begun to look outside of its birth country to expand the live mobile individual broadcast market.

On October 2nd, Pandora TV(CEO KyungIk Kim) announced that with the official domestic launch of its mobile individual broadcasting service “plup”, the company plans to provide its very first global service in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The company explained that it has decided to launch the service in four Asian countries especially in Japan first because Pandora TV JAPAN has validated the potential success of Korean popular culture and contents in the Japanese market.

One remarkable point about this global launch is the newly developed “smoothie engine” which can improve buffering and sync problems of videos. The biggest change is that even in an unstable global network environment, MJ and viewers will be allowed to enjoy a much better mobile viewership experience.

More notably, Pandora TV now supports multiple native languages(English, Japanese, Mandarin) in its application to give a priority listing to those live streaming videos hosted by the user of that country. Additionally, many international channels will give users the option to watch other countries’ broadcast.

KyungIk Kim, the CEO of Pandora TV, stated that “It is the company’s goal to expand the Plup service globally, and the launch of our service in those four Asian countries is a good start. We will become a leader of the global video market by making improvements in Plup as well as the localized service.

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