BLIND’s Launch in Microsoft (MS) to Regularize Expansion in the U.S.


On October 7, BLIND (CEO Young-Joon Chung, Sung-Wook Moon), a Social Networking Services exclusively for professionals, announced its service expansion to the world’s top software company – Microsoft (MS). Following the positive responses from the employees of the leading e-commerce company Amazon that was recently criticized by its working conditions through a New York Times article, BLIND regularized the expansion into the U.S. IT Industry by making its debut to Microsoft employees.

A leader in the software industry, Microsoft (MS) announced more than 7,800 layoffs in its Smartphone Hardware division until next June, since its mobile phone business was not able to perform as expected since its acquisition of Nokia. Unveiling its Windows-10-based smartphone, tablet, band, and HoloLens – a holographic computer using virtual reality, Microsoft made its bid to the mobile market taken over by Apple and Google.

“We opened our services in Microsoft having realized that there will be an increased need of communications and information exchange among Microsoft employees as the company goes through metamorphosis. We also recognize that both Amazon and Microsoft are located in Seattle, and that their employees interact regularly and jump ship between the two companies. We also look forward to the word-of-mouth effect from Amazon employees,” said Young-Joon Chung, Co-CEO of Teamblind.

Currently, BLIND is offering services to 721 corporations in South Korea, U.S., and Japan. Through its ‘Lounge’ feature – an interactive space across 50 industries including IT, Banking, Architecture, Aerospace, and Distribution – BLIND is now seen as one of the must-need apps for professionals that shares insider information such as work intensity, annual salary, and overall atmosphere. It plans to launch ‘Lounge’ feature in the U.S. in the coming months for employees in the IT industry.

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