Video Selfie App “Lollicam” Hits 1M number of download


Global media startup Seerslab (CEO Jinwook Jung) announced that its new conceptual video selfie app “Lollicam” exceeded 1 M number of cumulative downloads after 5 months since its release.


Seerslab launched the first Korean face recognition video selfie app “Lollicam” via Google PlayStore in May. On Sept. 25, the day when its iOS version was launched, “Lollicam” beat out its rivals, mostly popular game apps which invest heavily on their marketing. By topping the list  in Korea’s Google App store’s free app category and number one app in Google PlayStore’s media/video category, “Lollicam” has beenemerging as a new leader of Korean new media industry.


hooting short videos and sharing them with social media users around the world has become a trend. As more video sharing platforms such as Vine or Snapchat emerged, more people are following the trend by shooting and sharing short-form videos regardless of their location.

Lollicam’s biggest strength is that users can easily create funny and high-quality videos using its automatic real-time full editing function and cinematic effects just like movies or television. Additionally, it allows users to create their own GIFs, which are popular among younger generations.


Lollicam is not only becoming popular in Korea but also in other countries. It was selected as one of “5 Apps You Don’t Want to Miss” by Mashable, a popular digital media website. As it was also introduced by Product Hunt, a popular platform that launches new service and apps, the app is gradually getting acknowledged in the global market. As short-form video trend is expanding globally, Lollicam is expected to continually grow in the global market.


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