Oracleen, a startup backed by a famous Chinese actor and a VC big daddy


Oracleen, having released a smart electric toothbrush product line recently, has grabbed a lot of attention lately due to landing major investments from Tong Dawei, a famous Chinese actor and Xu Xiaoping, one of China’s foremost angel investors and founder of ZhenFund.

Oracleen’s electric toothbrush, Yue Bai, allows you to interact with a smartphone via bluetooth, and you can track the cleanness of each tooth on the app, where you can also customize your own brushing mode, such as gentle, cleaning, and whitening. These advanced features are enabled by six sensors that are embedded on the toothbrush, and this technology success is attributed to the company’s strong R&D. This intelligent toothbrush is also lightweight (65g) and small-sized (24*196mm), which makes the product extremely portable.

While the mobile application provides information about user’s brushing time and the health of his or her teeth, it is also packed with funny videos, all of which contribute to lengthening in brushing time. Moreover, the longer you stay on this application, more points you will receive for free to buy other products.

Yue Bai was able to fulfill its very first inventory order because of the crowdfunds it generated from around 5000 people on JD Cloud. Those small investors who participated in sourcing the fund will get the opportunity to enjoy Yue Bai for 99 yuan(~17,000 won) while the official market price is estimated to be 169 yuan(~30,000 won). The company also incorporated many feedback from crowdfunding participants into making a better toothbrush, such as changing its power system to be rechargeable and optimizing the shape of bristles for most effective brushing.

Oracleen’s future plan is to curate all of its users’ tooth data over time and be able to connect them with the most suitable dentists for their case. In other words, it wants to become an intermediary that helps meet users’ tooth-related pharmaceutical product needs. Although the company started as a hardware business, it aspires to pivot into a platform world that provides relevant, tailored information for each user. In the first half of this year, the company already raised an angel from Zhen Fund and Dong Dawei, and it is currently in the negotiation process to complete a series A round.

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