Daum Co-founder Taekkyung Lee on his love for startups — Part 2


Last week, we published Part 1 of our interview with Taekkyung Lee, Co-founder, Daum Communications. In that article, we wrote that Lee wears many hats — from being an Adjunct Professor at one of Seoul’s top universities to being a venture capitalist. He also runs Mashup Angels, an early-stage incubator.

His love for starting up began in 1995 when he established Daum Communications — the company most well-known for its eponymous web portal and merger with Kakao. Today, Daum is one of the most established Internet firms in South Korea.


I am interested in applying design thinking to the business. I love to code in Central Park on weekends and build something people love to use. You can reach me at sehwan@techforkorea.com


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