Introducing “Real Taxi”, an App that Utilizes Drivers’ Homeward Way Taxis to Provide a More Convenient Service


One can get a cheap taxi service conveniently in outside city  which lacks  a convenient means of  public transportation compared to the metropolis area. This service is called Real Taxi, a taxi service that uses homeward way taxi. Homeward way taxi is an empty taxi that is going back to its operation area after its outside the city trip.


Together with Korean Taxi Drivers’ Cooperative Union, Real Taxi formed homeward way taxi business network system in 150 national taxi operation areas to provide 24-hour taxi service and other customer services. Additionally,reservation and roundtrip services are also available upon customer’s request.


Daehwan Oh, the director of Real Taxi said, “We are cooperating with Korean Taxi Drivers’ Cooperative Union to provide Homeward way taxi service in any location regardless of the distance, considering both the customer and the driver’s location. even if the distance is relatively short, the service is available outside the city without any extra charge at the price the customer requested before the ride.”


Inspired by Platum

Cathy is a staff writer with Tech For Korea where she writes about interesting startups in Korea. She worked for a startup company Buttercups over the summer in Bangalore, India. She is also a student in Carnegie Mellon University. Cathy can be reached at


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