Digital Zone Launches First Non-ActiveX Online Medical Certification Service in Korea

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Digital Zone launched the first ‘Non-ActiveX’ online medical certification service in Korea through MedCerti, a specialized portal for medical certifications.

Digital Zone has continued to expand its Non-ActiveX online certification services by providing its service to approximately 230 universities and now to hospitals. Consequently, the clients of hospitals, such as Kyung Hee University Medical Center and Ehwa Womans University Medical Center, that employ Digital Zone’s medical certification service are able to issue various medical certifications online regardless of the type of OS or browser that they are using.

Recently in Korea, government-sponsored campaign to move away from ActiveX hit its stride. The Ministry of Science announced “Improvements in ActiveX Utilization in Private Sector Agenda” last April and promised to convert more than 90% of top 100 private websites to be ActiveX-Free. Additionally, with recent news from major web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome that they would drop support for nonstandard technology, the need for domestic internet environment to deviate from ActiveX is a pressing concern. As such, major private sites have shown significant interest in introducing non-active x technology especially around medical centers.

Responding to this need, Digital Zone focused on building a technology to eliminate ActiveX, a tool that has been socially recognized as a must-use technology. Up to this point, technologies such as ‘printer control’ and ‘keyboard control’ that prevent forgery have been traditionally provided by ActiveX or NAPI plug-ins. Since most government-run or private online certification sites still heavily rely on ActiveX to provide certification service, there are many cases where one cannot use online certification service depending on the OS or browser setting.

However, Digital Zone’s Non-ActiveX online certification system replaces ActiveX/NPAPI plug-ins that it can be used in any kind of browsers. It’s important to note that Digital Zone’s platform works seamlessly with recently launched Windows 10 Edge Browser and Google Chrome, which officially stopped supporting NPAPI.

Jung Woo Jeon, CEO of Digital Zone, said, “Although our Non-ActiveX technology costed us a lot of time and money, we decided to provide this service to our clients free of charge. We firmly believe that it is crucial to adapt to the changing dynamics of internet trends and improve convenience for the process. Above all, we are very proud of ourselves for being the first one to apply this technology in online medical certification field.”

Digital Zone’s ‘Non-ActiveX Online Medical Certification Service’ will soon be simultaneously launched in every web browsers, including IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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