Vital Hint Korea Released the iOS Version of “Haemuk Namnyu”, a Recipe Sharing App


On Oct. 3, a foodtech startup Vital Hint Korea (CEO: Jiwoong Jung) announced that they officially released the iOS version of “Haemuk Namnyu,” a recipe sharing app.


“Haemuk Namnyu” recommends recipes for the millennials who are familiar with viewing food contents such as cooking videos or eating videos online. The app accomplished 1,000cumulative downloads in last July, after three  months of its release. Its monthly active users also increased steadily over 40%.


This iOS version includes “Webtoon Recipe” which was very popular in the Android version where the cooking process would be shown in the form of GIFs and videos. It also has a “magazine” feature where it curates recipes in different formats along with a “story” feature where a beginner can share one’s dish and ask questions within the community.


Other features from the Android app such as specified search feature using the current ingredients from one’s fridge, personalized cooking recommendation feature, categorized search feature based on one’s circumstance, and curation feature based on data analysis will be updated to the iOS version every two to weeks.


Jiwoong Jung, the CEO of Vital Hint Korea said that as the app introduces various recipe content formats optimized for mobile use and activates the user community, it will continue to grow as a recipe-based food tech platform that attracts not only previous cooking population but also rapidly growing population of generation Y who enjoys viewing cooking videos online.


Furthermore, “Haemuk Namnyu” recently concluded an international food commerce business MOU contract with ISE Commerce. It has been working with existing professional food businesses and is is planning to increase its possibility to serve as a gateway platform to fulfill  users’ need of what they should eat and to expand the business consistently.
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