[KSS NYC] An Interview with Sung Hyun Lim, the founder and CEO of Anyractive


(Photo by Dohyun Lee)

[Korean Startup Summit NYC] Building an Interactive World with Anyractive’s ‘GoTouch’: An Interview with Sung Hyun Lim, the founder and CEO of Anyractive

Q. Tell us about yourself and your company product/service.

Hello, my name is Sung Hyun, Lim. I’m the founder and CEO of Anyractive. I was a mobile platform developer for 12 years and also have some AR/VR experiences. Our product, ‘GoTouch,’ turns any display screens such as TVs, monitors and beam projectors—or actually any surface—into a touchscreen that could develop more interactive and productive communication with immediate visual feedback.

Q. How did you come to start Anyractive and what is the problem you want to solve?

In my experience, communication skill is the key factor in creating a more productive and cooperative environment. However, it is often very difficult to communicate with people solely with words especially when transmitting technical information. Visual data helps people better understand, but most of the current display screens out there lack interactivity; we cannot actually write on TV screens or projector screens as we write on a whiteboard. And let’s be real, no one carries around a whiteboard. I thought these display screens could be much more useful if they could be connected through smartphone Internet connection and turn into collaborative whiteboards themselves. Fortunately, I was able to expose myself to a variety of new technology and service products throughout my career. As such, I founded Anyractive to solve these everyday problems at work or in educational settings by maximizing communication with our own new technology.


(Photo by Dohyun Lee)

Q. How and where did you meet your team members?

I met most of my team members in my previous job. We were involved in a project together. During the project I was able to notice various individual talents of my team. For instance, our CTO, Mr. Ahn, specializes in large information platform service for mobile users.

Q. Who are the targets for your product?

We are targeting the portable projector users. In fact, there are already needs for mobile interactive environment such as smart learning and smart working using smartphones. At the same time, there already are existing displays that can be transformed into whiteboard-like feature with our product. So in the end we hope to provide interactive technology to the regular large display users for presentations, collaborations and educations.

Q. Who are your competitors and how does your product differ from theirs?

The competitors can be the existing touchscreen smart board manufacturers or other interactive white board solution providers.

First of all, they are very expensive. Second, they are fixed—they are not portable nor are they compatible with Mobile OS, especially iOS. Most importantly, they are focused on a total system that is not compatible with existing displays and computers. You would have to implement the whole new system to make the touch-interaction environment, whereas we focus on a module-based system. With out device, you can simply integrate your existing display and smartphone to create a touch-interaction environment.


(Photo by Dohyun Lee)

Q. What is the ultimate vision of your company?

We want to build a more interactive world by replacing wooden whiteboards with our touch-interaction board.

Q. Finally, could you say a word about the Korean startup industry?

Be well prepared to take opportunities that can make your dream into reality. Keep your passion along the journey! Don’t look back, and go straight toward your vision that you believe can change the world.

This article was written by SungAh Laura Kim. You can reach her at sungah92@gmail.com

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