Naver’s V app now invites all Vietnamese superstars


Naver’s live broadcasting app V announced yesterday that it will attract Vietnamese celebrities and beauty gurus to have them appear on this newly created channel called Xin Chao V (“Hello V” in Vietnamese), expanding the existing star-studded app across the world and diversifying its content.

The app was first launched on July 31st. Now the app boasts 67 channels that invite a wide range of stars from disparate fields, including actors/actresses, models and athletes. Big Bang and 2PM appeared live on the V streaming app earlier, and Girls’ Generation, Park Bo-young and Lee Jong-suk are regular users of the app. They usually stream daily activities to share their moment with fans in real time.

Ten Vietnamese stars, including female singer Dong Nhi and actress Chi Pu, confirmed their participation to interact with their fans in real time. Kelvin, a Vietnamese star, was one of the very first celebrities in Vietnam to use this app. Prior to the channel launch, he expressed enthusiasm about the use of the app on Facebook and garnered over 25K Likes from his fans instantly. Each of the celebrities’ broadcast channel will be fully rolled out in December, and users can meet all of their stars in Xin Chao V for now.

Traditionally, K-Pop stars not only engaged with fans via the app, but also used it creatively as the channel to advertise their upcoming albums or acting projects.  Naver’s V app has been in partnerships with Korea’s major entertainment agencies including SM and YG Entertainment .

“Vietnam is a great market for us to dive in, considering that it has a considerably large youth population(Those under age 35 represent 60% of the country population) whom we can target, and the country is also a big consumer of video contents. We will try our best to localize our service effectively,” said Park Sun-young, the head of Naver’s V.

Naver’s currently preparing to do some field testing of the app in Vietnam, hoping to provide the most optimized platform for all users.

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