‘Delivering chef’s plate’ FoodFly cooperates with Plating


Fly&Company (CEO: Eunsun Lim)which runs premium food delivery service “FoodFly” announced on Nov. 10, that they are cooperating with Plating (CEO: Paul Jang) to directly deliver  for Plating.


FoodFly provide delivery service from famous restaurants that do not offer delivery service. Currently they are actively expanding into different neighborhoods including Gangna, Songpa, Guangjin, Guanac, Mapo, Seungdong, Yongsan and Dongjak. Plating is a food delivery service that delivers food using fresh ingredients and healthy recipes created by chefs. Customers can get their food delivered to their home at a  specific time they want and can enjoy luxurious dishes made by a chef in 5 minutes.


Previously Plating was only delivering in Gangnam area, but from this partnership, Foodfly will be directly delivering Plating’s dishes to more neighborhoods, serving more customers. Furthermore, it is a noteworthy fact that this is an exclusive partnership between FoodFly and Plating.


Fly&Company’s CEO Lim said, “By cooperating with Plating, FoodFly can directly deliver  Plating’s dishes. We are happy to serve more variety of high quality food to our customers”.


Plating,with its original idea and executive ability, has been selected as Primer Enternship Program and received 85,000 USD. Plating’s dish can be accessed through both FoodFly website and their mobile app.


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