Shop your Style through ‘Codibook’, Available Now on App Store


Fashion-tech startup YDEA (CEO: Ha Neul Kang) announced on the 13th that it has launched the iOS version of ‘Codibook’, a fashion commerce that allows users to shop for clothes tailored to their fashion tastes.

Codibook provides services where users can match clothes with online shopping site products. The app has become Korea’s no.1 fashion coordination service by achieving nearly 1 million downloads on its Android app, and by surpassing 800,000 coordination content uploads by its users.

Codibook has been recognized as one of the unique cases that connects user-based contents with commerce, especially after it launched ‘Shopping’ feature last August that led to more than $80K transactions per month.

In the newly unveiled iOS version, Codibook added ‘Codibook Membership’, a feature exclusively for iPhone users, on top of existing features such as ‘Make Coordinations’ and ‘Shopping’.

‘Codibook Membership’ is a reward system that compensates users depending on how active they are in the app. This feature is expected to increase the quantity of contents and vitalize the Codibook community.

“A lot of iPhone users have been waiting for the launch of Codibook’s iOS version. We will work hard to provide satisfactory services to our users,” said Ha Neul Kang, CEO of YDEA.

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