Which “Couples” app best matches your love style?



When it comes to dating, we all have different preferences and approaches to treat our significant other. Just like everyone has different, colorful personality, there have been a lot of trendy social networking apps created just for couples recently. Each app carries its unique strength and services that meet their specific needs based on the couple’s relationship style. Some couples are very social and outgoing while others may be a bit more serious and best be categorized as devoted “love birds”. Now couples have an option to choose an app that perfectly matches their style.

For systematic “planners” : ‘Couplete’

Couples can use this app to plan their next date or upcoming anniversaries in advance. They can also take advantage of the “wish box” feature to share and grow a list of restaurants or movies that they would like to enjoy together. The search function in the app allows them to take a look at other anonymous couples’ dating routine, and hence they can also steal some of other’s wishes into their own wish box. When you fill out a wish list, you can insert a link directly to the box so that you can conveniently make gift purchases by following the link. Interestingly, the app’s calendar boasts a secret feature that allows lovers to share their private schedule without embarrassment. They can check on each other’s schedule such as your girlfriend’s period, thus promoting safer and caring relationship.

For inexperienced couples : ‘ginger(phonetic translation) for between’

Between is a popular Korean app developed for couples to share each moment only with their special someone. It has attracted a lot of users because it offers an ultra-private and meaningful platform that nurtures intimacy with your significant other. ‘Ginger for Between’(hereinafter Ginger) is a special sub-app of Between that works like an intelligent secretary for a couple. Between leverages Ginger to provide various analytics for users, ranging from analyzing text messages exchanged between a couple to issuing a weekly ‘Ginger report’ that highlights analysis derived from witty love index. For example, the app tells couples an average number of texts exchanged between them in any given week, and it also expresses one’s mood as part of ‘weekly status’ reflected on weather. An interesting fact about this app is that the Between’s user report allows you to check the affinity of each other on the basis of history and can determine how much of the effort you are making to maintain the relationship with your loved one. Additionally, Ginger is also offering dating advice to couples by analyzing the patterns of conversations between the lovers. At the end, the logic is simple; the less frequent you uses the app to text or share photos, the more number of alerts you will receive from the app to start contacting his girlfriend more regularly. The app is playing a cupid role with its smart artificial intelligence, indeed.

For social, extroverted couples : ‘Two people’ for open communication

Unlike other traditional couples exclusive apps, ‘Two people’ is rather an unclosed platform that mirrors as a couples version of Facebook. One couple shares a single account to interact with other couples on the app. You can share any information or photos on your timeline, and then you can also peek into other couples’ dating scene. One of the app’s popular features is called “Ask more” where you can ask for either some very serious or light love/relationship advice as it relates to a couple’s particular issue. Once the questions are posted, other people can tackle the question by either responding with Yes or No or posting anonymous comments. After all, people find this useful because they could end up getting some quality advice from other couples that could have gone through similar dating bumps and experiences recently.

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