Voiceloco rolls out a free mobile calling app ‘Typhone’ on Android


On Nov. 18, a communication software development company, Voiceloco announced that it has launched a free mobile calling app ‘Typhone’ on Android.

Typhone is a mVoIP (mobile Voice over IP) service that uses mobile telecommunication networks. Typhone has significantly enhanced connectivity, user-friendliness and mobile security compared to existing mobile calling service apps. Users can download the Typhone app on Google Play and they can conveniently call other users without any restraints.

Released in last August, Typhone iOS version has already reached 10,000 worldwide cumulative downloads. It is particularly trendy among couples in long distance relationships and international students who make a lot of international phone calls. In Korea, the ‘Message Call’ feature, which allows your friend to know in advance why you are calling or how urgent your call is, has become very popular among the users.

Seung-hyuk Chun, Co-Founder of Voiceloco, said, “A near 99% calling success rate, and the high network stability, which does not discriminate a network connection type seemed to be enticing international phone call users. As long as any kind of a wireless network such as 3G, LTE, or Wi-Fi infrastructure is available, users can take advantage of Typhone’s high-quality phone calling experience without any restraints.”

Typhone’s extremely advanced technology covers the full frequency range of human hearing capacity between 20 to 20,000 Hz (approximately three times wider than VoLTE 50~7,000Hz provided by typical telephone service providers), enabling users to experience the clear and vivid qualities that no other apps have yet succeeded in delivering. In addition, Typhone can be synced up to five of a user’s other portable devices, including smartphones and tablet PCs, with a single account. The service fee is free under the Wi-Fi network. It uses approximately 40MB data per hour under the LTE network connection.

“Although there are many other voice calling apps available in the App Store, no single app has yet achieved a dominant position in the market,” said Jun-hyuk Suh, the CEO of Voiceloco. “One of the primary reasons for the lack of a leading player has been due to a phone calling quality.” Attracting users to download an app is easy, but if it is not supported by a good quality, it is difficult to retain the users for long-term use. Suh ambitiously announced that Voiceloco will attract more potential uses based on Typhone’s advanced core technologies and its premier phone calling quality.

In the meantime, Voiceloco has been preparing to roll out additional updates such as video calls and chatting features. Voiceloco has been also seeking to apply its core technologies to develop a communication service for office use.

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