Take survey and get the latest business product in return- Introducing app ‘Goodproduct’


Idealizer announced the launch of Goodproduct on Google Play Store, a curation service for products from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Goodproduct gives customers points when they complete simple missions-such as surveys-that are useful to these businesses, and allow customers to trade their points with real products. Such a system allows small businesses to substitute their products for extra advertising costs.


Idealizer CEO Byeung Eun Choi points out that “recently, many creative and highly marketable products developed by startups, small and large, disappear from the market even before the market evaluates the product due to expensive marketing costs and lack of proper advertising channels”. Goodproduct is a win-win platform for customers and businesses because businesses can utilize their own products for advertisement and customers can obtain those products.


Idealizer highlighted that the process of customers accumulating points via entering advertiser’s online shopping mall or via sharing on social media amplifies advertising effects, making Goodproduct a strong business model.


Until the end of the year, businesses that use Goodproduct to advertise can use the platform for free. Since the products businesses offered through this platform are usually new products in the market, consumers can also enjoy ‘watching’ new products that are registered. In addition, Goodproduct editors make engaging, witty reviews and show different preferences for products depending on the customer’s gender, age, occupation, and blood type.
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