Government to Host K Startup Forum on November 24th


K Startup Forum will be opening doors this coming 24th. The convention aims to invigorate new startup launches by young entrepreneurs, and is overseen by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), and Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).

At the convention, prospective entrepreneurs will be able to find leads to governmental and civilian support programs for startups. Entry to the event is free of charge to anyone interested in ventures and those in early stages of their businesses.

The forum consists of three sessions. Officials from MCST will be presenting on “Government Initiatives and Programs for Contents-startup Support” in the first session. In the following session, a panel of speakers will be discussing current trends in the industry in the second session, talking about the “Highs and Lows of Early Stage investment”. Speakers include Kwanghyun Kim, manager of D.Camp by Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs, Hyuktae Kwon, CEO of Coolidge Corner Investment, and Jaeseon Han, CTO of Futureplay.

In the final session on “Surviving the Startup Scene”, attendees can meet and hear the stories of businesses currently on the field. Successful executives from LookAndRoll, Zikto, and Momo will be meeting the participants.

The event is this coming Tuesday, November 245h, in seminar room 3 on the second floor of the National Assembly halls. Valid ID’s required. Link for further details.

Yong Bin is interested in finding out what makes budding businesses sustainable in the long term, something he studied as an industrial engineer at school. He became a New Yorker at age 18, and tries to outdo Google in figuring out directions in the City. Yong Bin can be reached at


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