Gretech launched Gom Mix, a sophisticated video editor (and it’s free!)


On November 19th, Gretech Corporation announced the release of the free video editing software called ‘Gom Mix’.

Today, as video content consumption continues to skyrocket with Youtube being the mainstream player, the need for producing and editing video clips is more apparent than it was ever before. Gretech has developed a free video editing tool, ‘Gom Mix’ in hopes of turning this growing demand into opportunity.

Gom Mix has extremely easy-to-use yet sophisticated editing features such as speech bubbles and captions that look like those seen on a Korean variety show. One can embed photos or emoticons in his or her clip as well as add favorite songs to play in the background. Such customization truly adds unique personality to one’s video. Besides, there are plenty of other clip arts and effects that users can use to enable a greater degree of freedom of expression.

Furthermore, Gom Mix also has a fast, reliable and secure encoding spec that allows users to adjust the sharpness of the image quality and processing speed through the output setting. With this customization, users can produce the highest-quality video they deserve.

After trying out the beta version of the software on the exhibition day, one of the bloggers commented “This software was very lightweight and user-friendly, thus well suited for most regular users. What’s particularly impressive was its offering of various fonts in a palette. However, I would have liked it a lot more had users can see the change before applying the effect of any sort”. Another blogger touted the tool for the simple composition of editing functions and rapid encoding speed.

At the end, Gom Mix has great potential to be widely adopted and adored by users of various intents, such as for creating ▲ Project videos ▲Propose videos ▲PR videos ▲ Child Development videos. Gom Mix can be downloaded for free from the Gom product suite site, Naver Software or Sim File.

Kim DongSuk, the vice president of Gretech Business Dev, stated that “Users can take advantage of the software to edit and create many interesting videos. We will continue to incorporate user feedback so that we can always provide the best service possible”.

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